In the Diamond Dimensions Modded Survival Series, Dan made a Diamond Sword called "Trayaurus", to honor his classic villager friend. ==Trayaurus 1.0== The first version of Trayaurus. During a battle against the Nether Boss, Dan acidentally threw Trayaurus in the lava, "killing" it. He felt devastated and needed support from the viewers in the comments to get back on his feet. ==Trayaurus 2.0== After the first version of Trayaurus died, Dan put up an item frame with a Diamond Sword, and a sign that said "R.I.P. Trayaurus", to honor the memory of the first sword, and crafted a new one, called "Trayaurus 2.0". When Dan was looking for a wife in a village, he accidentaly gifted a villager with Trayaurus 2.0 - he later found out that the villager was his wife, Rosalie. However, upon giving it to her, the sword lost its enchantments and its name. He left the sword with her. ==Trayaurus 2.5== After gifting Rosalie with Trayaurus 2.0, Dan built a new Diamond Sword, and named it "Trayaurus 2.5". He continues to use this sword until today. == Trayaurus 3.0 == After getting a really good sword from a lucky block, name "lucky Sword", he took off the enchantments from Trayaurus 2.5 to rename the "Lucky Sword" "Trayaurus 3.0". The sword has every sword enchantment, from sharpness to looting.