The Piggy spawned in Dan's first house in his Xbox Survival Series world. That happened because the ground was still made of grass. Though the Piggy was a liability for Dan at first, he started caring for the animal and they became friends.

The Night the Piggy DiedEdit

One night, when going back to his small house, Dan was doing it to get away from hostile mobs, which almost killed him. However, when he got in the house, the Piggy was standing in the pressure plate, thus leaving the door open. To not be attacked inside his own house, Dan killed the Piggy.

In MemorianEdit

Though not regretting it at first, Dan felt strong remorse for killing the Piggy after he woke up in the morning. To honor his friend, he built a small grave with the writing "R.I.P. Piggy", on a place that would be next to Dan's new house.