The TDMpire is Dan's empire/city on his Xbox Survival Series World. Dan's house is located in the TDMpire. He lives there with Oliver, Olivia and Casper. Some villagers often enter and exit his houseBob Edit

Dan keeps his animals (Chickens, Cows, Sheeps and Pigs) on the Barnyard. He often goes there to take the sheeps' wool, the cows' milk, the pigs' meat and the chickens' eggs.

The FountainEdit

One of Dan's first builds, it is located near his house. The Fountain works as a quicker water source for Dan.

A giant hat made mainly out of Blue, Yellow and Black Wool. Dan keeps bookshelfs and an Enchanting Table to enchant his weapons and armor there.

The DocksEdit

Dan's ships, the S.S. Kawaii and the S.S. Brick, stay in the Docks. There's also a boathouse. The Docks work mainly as an access route for the Desert Biome and Dan's fake Sand Village.

The Great Cake BakeryEdit

A giant bakery in a form of a cake, with candles and cherries on top. It is made of Yellow, Pink and Brown Wool. It hosts Dan's permanent Bake Sale and Boris' Evil Lair.

The Wheat FarmEdit

A rather big wheat farm, right next to a Magic Wardrobe . This Magic Wardrobe used to be Dan´s Crafting shack that used to be Dan's old house.

The Market PlazaEdit

A place where the Market Stalls stay. They are, currently:

Trout & Co. FishmongersEdit

Sells fish and fishing rods. Color: Blue.

P & R Cleaver ButcherEdit

Sells porkchops and steaks. Color: Red

Juicy Goodness Fruit StallEdit

Sells Apples. Color: Yellow.

The Sword & Shovel BlacksmithsEdit

Sells Weapons and Armor. Color: Orange.

Potion WorksEdit

Will sell Potions and host a Brewing Stand once Dan produces those items. Color: Purple.

The Milk BucketEdit

Sells Milk. Color: Light Gray.

Farmy Fresh FoodsEdit

Sells Wheat and Bread. Color: Brown.

Police Station Edit

A Police Station with a joint prison cell and a Police Car. Inside the Station there is a laptop. And a window. In the cell, Boris is serving a life sentence. nice to know


the cannon are use for land to water