McDuck is a chicken from TheDiamondMinecart's older videos.

Mcduck wasn't seen until he reappears in the dimensional doors mod where he is seen trapped in the dimensional door. He is also seen along with Trayaurus in the house episode and appeared again in the mo' chickens mod. Finally, he appears in Trayaurus' mission. 

Lucky OresEdit

McDuck appeared again in the Lucky Ores Mod Review. Dan mined a Lucky Diamond Ore which Grim found , when McDuck popped up, along with some Diamonds.

It was revealed that he hadn't been seen in a long time because he was trapped in the ore all along.

Trayaurus Edit

Trayaurus shrank Mcduck and ate him. I know. Then Dan shrank himself and went inside Trayaurus and solved a stomach ache Tray had when eating a huge sandwich. There he found Mcduck.

McDuck is an old character that hasn't been brought back for a while but will be forever loved in the true hearts of TDM fans.