Far is a Pigman clone of Dan, that lives in the Diamond Dimensions world.

The Birth of FarEdit

When Dan was making another clone of himself, it was with the purpose of making it automate Dan's farming. When he was typing "Farmer" as a name, the pigman in a suit Far appeared, and he didn't even finish typing; that was the clone he wanted. Far kept on farming for him  for many episodes.


When Dan updated the game to 1.6, Far was deleted, as he could not move on through the world update. Dan was very sad that he no longer had his friend Far with him, promising that one day he'd bring Far back.

Return in Season 2Edit

In episode #99 of the Diamond Dimensions, already in Season 2, Dan finally was able to create a new Far. Since he was playing offline, Far's skin appeared as a normal Steve, but once Dan goes back to playing online, Far will once again be a happy farmer clone, working in Dan's Underground Farm, as the clone of Dan with name DanTDM, mines for resources next to him.