Denton was a scientist working for Dan until he was fired.

History and BiographyEdit

Denton first appeared in the Mutant Bugs mod showcase where he was in control of the Knight bug testing chamber. Dan asked Denton if the chamber was safe and Denton assured him it was indeed fine. However, Dan was killed by the Knight Bug and when he respawned fired Denton. Denton was very upset and sobbed. This was the only episode were Denton had a voice. Denton appeared again this time in the second to last episode of the statue house series. Denton was located inside the Dan statue and was locked up with a Nether Portal. Dan then stated how Denton deserved to be in the jail and called him a punk. Denton's next appearance was in the Secret Agents mod showcase. Denton hired an elite squad of villager goons to invade the lab. He succeded and forced Dan and Trayaurus to regroup outside. Denton then imprisoned Grim and locked himself in the observatory. When Dan armed himself with agent gear and weapons Denton made no move to escape. This allowed Dan to break into the observatory and find Denton. Apon spotting Denton, Dan said he was shocked and called Denton a punk and said " he was never using him again." Dan then used the self-destruct mechanism to kill Denton. The last appearance for now was in the robot super suits mod. The general told Dan that the Denton he killed was a clone and Denton was in the city statue planning to destroy the city. Dan used the robot super suit to stop Denton. Dan blew up Denton's secret lab in the statue destroying the statue with it. The general told Dan was lying on the floor unconscious but no remains of Denton were found.


In his first two appearances Denton was a Librarian villager but in the secret agents mod was in a black suit with a pinkish tie.

The fact that Denton didn't escape when he had the chance possibly hints to his stupidity.