DanTDM Wither is an antagonist of DanTDM's adventures. It was created by Dr Trayaurus in an attempt to make a new boss mob. It is a boss mob with DNA from DanTDM and the Wither combined.

Creation and StoryEdit

The DanTDM Wither was created by Dr Trayaurus in an attempt to create a new boss mob for Minecraft. Trayaurus chose to 'improve' the Wither because he thought that the Ender Dragon was boring. He extracted DNA from the Wither and from Dan, and fused the two together to create the DanTDM Wither Boss. At first, the Dan-Wither seemed peaceful, but it soon escaped the lab and went on a rampage throughout the world. Dan and Trayaurus eventually tracked it down to a village, where it was destroying houses and holding villagers hostage. Dan had to take it down himself, due to Trayaurus chickening out. Using a Diamond Sword and a bow, Dan defeated the Dan-Wither and stopped it for good. Its only appearance was in 'DANTDM WITHER BOSS ACCIDENT!' And has not appeared since.