Craig is Dan's first son. His mother is Rosalie, and he is married to Stephanie the Miner. He is already an adult, and lives in Dan's House in his Diamond Dimensions world.

Killing the Diamond SpiderEdit

On a quest to find Craig a wife, Dan forgot to set off the option for Craig to attack spiders. Once they saw Dan's tamed, recently equipped with Diamond Pet Armor Spider, Craig attacked the Diamond Spider. Dan tried to stop him, but he failed and Craig killed the Diamond Spider.


Still angry at Craig Dan really wanted to find Craig a wife despite what Craig had just done. They went to the village where Dan met Rosalie, and they found Out That No one ways there. They went to another village in the sky that was more far away, where Dan met Stephanie the Miner.

Life in Dan's HouseEdit

Today, Craig lives in Dan's House, along with Dan himself, Rosalie, Dan's Clone, some Bodyguards that protect them and some Mobs that help reinforce the protection of the house.