Boris is a villager from the TDMpire of Dan's Xbox world. He always had bad intentions since the day he arrived in the TDMpire, and he is a dangerous criminal.


Boris arrived in the TDMpire and stayed in and near the Great Cake Bakery. He stood on Dan's way while he was building the bakery, which allowed him to carefully analyze the construction, and its hollow points.

Stealing CasperEdit

Just one day after taming a new dog, named Casper, Dan entered his house and saw that the back window was broken. He only saw Oliver and Olivia inside, and noticed that Casper had been stolen. Dan quickly repaired the window and started looking for suspects, not aware that Boris had stolen Casper.

Evil LairEdit

While interrogating villagers, Dan entered the Great Cake Bakery to see if Boris was there. He saw that two cakes had been stolen, and a cookie as well. When he looked back, he saw Boris trying to escape through a trapdoor. Dan stopped him and entered the Boris' lair, where he found a cookie, two cakes and Casper, who was safe and sound. Dan also found a chest with a book in it, named "Dog Recipe".

In PrisonEdit

Dan emprisoned Boris in the jail of the brand new TDMpire Police Station. He was the first and only prisoner in the facility. Dan occasionally fed him seeds, and nothing more, as a punishment for stealing Casper and plotting against the TDMpire. He is serving a life sentence in prison.


Recent Zombie sounds heard near Boris' cell (a place with no caves underneath). Dan recently chekeed the cell only to find a zombie villager.